Family Dental Services in Ripon

Our family dentistry services address various oral health problems so that you and your loved ones can enjoy gentle and effective dental care in one convenient location. These include services for your little one, like fluorides and sealants, to cosmetic and restorative dental care for adults and seniors. If you are looking for a family dentist you can entrust with your loved ones’ dental needs, we have the expertise and knowledge to help your entire family.

At the dental practice of Richard Crum, DDS, we understand that life gets busy and work hard to provide dental appointments that fit your schedule. Our skilled and friendly staff is dedicated to providing you with quality dental services in a safe and welcoming environment. Whether you need fillings, veneers, or TMJ disorder treatments, we are here to give you personalized treatments that fit your needs. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.


Gentle Dental Care for Young Patients

The earlier you introduce kids to professional dental care, the better you can protect their smiles. We provide dental services for kids from age three and above. Our child-friendly environment helps make every dentist visit a fun and positive experience for our young patients, minimizing their anxiety. Our skilled team knows how to keep kids relaxed and uses age-appropriate language to keep them informed and engaged. We want them to look forward to visiting the dentist as much as possible.

Here are some of the services we offer specifically for our young patients:

  • Sealants and fluorides
  • Dental fillings
  • Pulpotomies

Our air abrasion machine allows us to complete fillings without the need for injections. This technology makes the process as gentle and comfortable as possible. Your child won't have to deal with the fear of injections when undergoing treatment to repair and restore their teeth. Nitrous oxide is also available for anxious kids to help them relax.

Dental Care for Teens

family dental servicesThe dental needs of kids change as they grow. During the teenage years, your child's permanent teeth emerge, and their orthodontic needs become more apparent. We focus our services for young adults on monitoring dental development and looking out for any issues that can impair your teen's long-term bite function. If we notice orthodontic problems, our team will refer you to a trusted orthodontist for treatment.

We also provide the necessary education to help teens maintain their optimal oral health. This includes encouraging proper oral hygiene habits and providing dietary advice to promote strong and healthy teeth and gums.

For teens who would like to improve the appearance of their smiles, we can discuss appropriate cosmetic solutions that will result in a beautiful and confident smile. If your teen is experiencing pain in their jaws or teeth, schedule an appointment as soon as possible to alleviate their pain so they can smile again.

Comprehensive Oral Care for Adults and Seniors

Adults and seniors have a variety of oral health needs, which may require restorative or cosmetic treatments. We offer comprehensive dental services so you can enjoy a healthy, functional, and beautiful smile. From replacing missing teeth with implant-supported restorations to removing dental imperfections like discoloration, our services for adults and seniors provide the solutions you need. Our goal is to preserve your natural teeth, restore your oral health, and enhance the beauty of your smile.

Our oral care for adults and seniors includes the following services:

The senior members of your family are often more prone to gum disease. It may occur due to certain illnesses like diabetes, medications, and even difficulties maintaining proper oral hygiene. Tooth loss is also a common issue that comes with age. With this in mind, we gear our dental services for seniors towards maintaining gum health and restoring bite function.

Besides gum disease treatment and maintenance cleanings for healthy gums, we offer dentures to replace multiple missing teeth. Denture repairs and realignments are also available whenever necessary.

Your Trusted Family Dentist

Your family's oral health is our priority. You can count on our capable team to take care of your dental needs and those of your family regardless of age. At the dental practice of Richard Crum, DDS, we provide many of the services you need under one roof so that you don't need to spend time and money looking for different specialists for every family member. Whether your child requires a pulpotomy or you're looking to brighten your teeth with professional teeth whitening services, we can help. Schedule an appointment with us today for family dentistry in Ripon you can trust.



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